“It all begins with a child’s dream.” - Daniel Lovely - Age 10

Daniel Lovely is a traditional Visual Artist, Illustrator, Sculptor, & Author working independently in the creative industry for over 25 years. Born in 1978 as a third-generation artist, Daniel learned to appreciate hand-crafted artistry as a unique family tradition. He has worked on a diverse range of projects since first being commissioned by a home design corporation at the age of 15, received numerous awards, and  has been exhibited, published, and collected internationally. 

Daniel draws creative inspiration  from music, nature, spirituality, classical literature, and the many indigenous cultures he has encountered on studies abroad. Believing objects made by hand are uniquely full of chi, Daniel strives to deliver only the highest quality materials in his fine craftsmanship. He currently works from his home studio in Southern Florida retailing original illustrations, limited edition prints and sculptures both online and in exclusive handmade merchants.


Arts Warehouse - Delray Beach, FL

Southwest Florida Pastel Society - Naples, FL

International Association of Pastel Society - Kingston, MA

Pastel Society of Maine - Kennebunk, ME

Artist's Statement

Welcome to a quiet space online created especially for you. Here you can break away from the noise of the outside world and reflect on the solitary beauty of my artistic illuminations. As an introvert, I am an advocate for quiet. Not an oppressive kind of silence, but the kind of quiet that creates space for personal awareness and introspection. People need quiet spaces where they can reflect on beauty, connect with Spirit, and remember all that is good in life. I believe traditional art creates a space where imagination can inspire us with hope and the healing power of possibility. We need more of these authentic experiences in the world today - more quiet illuminations.

Over the last few years, I’ve come to notice many people are craving more meaningful stillness and less busy noise in their lives. Can you remember a time when you were very small and studied objects intensely before you had words to describe them? Perhaps you've visited art museums and noticed people silently gazing at marble sculptures and studying paintings with child-like curiosity? These are some of my most cherished childhood memories of authentic individuality. I date myself by acknowledging a time before the internet, microwaves, and cell phones, yet with all these changes in technology, nothing replaces the power of focused self-realization. Engagement with tangible handmade creativity connects us directly to our body, mind, and spirit by elevating our awareness above the noise of endless virtual distractions.

Handmade art and storytelling are two of my favorite things, so much so, that I’ve dedicated my professional career to preserving these ancient traditions for generations to come. I refer to my art as 'illuminations,' because they provide both myself and the viewer with a quiet and transformative moment with our imaginations. Traditional art causes people to pause, take time, reflect, and engage their inner world as they connect with something carrying the fingerprint of another soul. Today these real-life human experiences are sadly being traded for lifeless A.I. substitutes that keep us disconnected from our complex psychological and spiritual identities. As a traditional artist, it’s true, my craft takes much longer than digital imaging, but I believe there is a critical need to preserve authentic and tangible human experiences in the arts.

The excellence of master artists like DaVinci, Waterhouse, and Mucha inspire and guide my creativity with handmade techniques passed down for generations. It has been my privilege sharing this passion for handmade craft over the past twenty years with collectors around the globe. Knowing that small pieces of quiet beauty are still valuable in people's lives, restores my confidence in the goodness of modern humanity. I look forward to continuing these classical traditions with the support of those who share the same value for rugged individualism and the preservation of quiet contemplative beauty.